Awards in 2016

The Most Innovative International Conference & Exhibition City;

Pilot City for National Medical Treatment & Elderly Care;

National Ecological City;

National Forest City;

National Green Transport City; 

Listed in the first batch of National Demonstration Cities for Building up Social Credit System, ranking 4th among 36 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities at deputy provincial level;

In the first batch of “Demonstration Cities of Tourism & Leisure”; 

Officially hailed as National Ecological City, the first one successfully passed the national ecological assessment in Fujian.


Award in 2015

Among the first batch of Demonstration Cities of Tourism & leisure.


Award in 2014

Demonstration City of High-quality City in the first batch.


2013— Among the first batch of national demonstration cities for electronic social security.

2013— Won Chang’an Cup, a top national honor for political and legal management. 

2013— Among the first batch of advanced units in promoting legislation. 

2012—Awarded as National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship.

2009-2012 -- Awarded as Excellent Prefecture-level City in Comprehensive Social Management 

2011-- Rank first in the 10 most livable cities of China 

2010— The most popular Hercynian tourist destination for Chinese youth

2010-- Awarded as one of the Chinese leisure cities

2010-- Awarded the honorary title of China’s Best Green Conference City 

2010—Among the Top 10 Most Popular Meeting Attraction Destinations 

2010—Awarded as Chinese Service Outsourcing Demonstration City.

2010-- National Advanced City in Civil Air Defense 

2009&2010---Listed in the Top 10 Charming Conference Destination Cities.

2009—Among the Top 100 Tourism Competitiveness Cities in China 

2009&2010— Listed in China’s Top 10 Most livable Cities 

2009—National Water Conservation City (first prize)

2007—One of the most competitive tourist city in China

2007&2008--National Model City for Greening

2007— Awarded as one of the National Livable Cities. 

2007— Honored with the most popular city for migrant workers

2006,2007 and 2008--- The favorite tourist destination for Chinese youth  

2006&2011--- National Advanced City for Law Publicity and Education 

2005,2009 and 2011— Recognized as National Civilized City 

2004—Won the United Nation Habitat City Award

2003--- Won the China Habitat Environment Award 

2003— Awarded as the first-class model city for national traffic management.

2002—Honored with International Garden City

2001-- Advanced “Two Foundations” Education City

2011—Listed in the National Top 10 Most Livable Cities

2000—Won the Special Award for National Environmental Renovation

1999(2003) — Awarded as National Advanced City in Establishing Civilized City

1999&2004---Awarded as National Advanced City in Blood Donation without Compensation 

1999— Awarded as China’s Excellent Tourism City 

1998— Awarded as National Model City in Revitalizing City through Science and Technology

1997—Titled as National Model City for Environmental Protection

1997—Titled as National Garden City 

1996--- Titled as National Sanitation City 

Xiamen was also awarded as the National “2-Support” Model City in 1991,1994,1997,2000,2004,2007,2012,2013 and 2016.