In 2017, the gross output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery amounted to 4.385 billion yuan, an increase of 2.1% over the previous year. Among them, the agricultural output was 2.182 billion yuan, up 4.4%; the forestry output was 38 million yuan, up 80.2%; the output of animal husbandry was 1.109 billion yuan, down by 4.0%; the fishery output was 621 million yuan, up 3.3% and the output value of services industry was 435 million yuan, up 2.7%.

Over the past year, the total sown area of crops was 383.5 thousand hectares, declining by 0.8%. Specifically, the sown area of grain was 93.8 million hectares, down by 5.0%, while the total grain output was 36.5 thousand tons, an increase of 3.4%, the sown area of vegetables was 241.2 thousand hectares, an increase of 2.3%, while the total vegetable output was 590.1 thousand tons, an increase of 12.9%. The sown area of fruit was 80.5 thousand hectares, down by 3.6%, while the total output of fruit was 21 thousand tons, up 30.8%. The total output of meat for 2017 reached 41.3 thousand tons, down by 16.9%; that of egg was 4,083 tons, down 0.7%; and that of dairy production was 484 tons, decelerating 38.9%. At the end of the year, 197.3 thousand pigs were registered in the total stocks, down by 3.4%, and 415.2 thousand pigs were slaughtered, down by 22.7%. 2.5626 million livestock animals were registered with an increase of 67.1%, and 5.145 million livestock animals were slaughtered, with a growth rate of 11.7%.  The total output of aquatic products was 53.5 thousand tons, up by 20.4%.