Foreign Trade

The total value of Xiamen’s imports and exports in 2017 was 581.604 billion yuan, an increase of 14.3 percent over the previous year. Of this, the value of exports was 325.365 billion yuan, up by 5.2 percent, and the value of imports was 256.239 billion yuan, up by 28.3 percent. The city’s trade surplus was 69.126 billion yuan, down by 37.0 percent.

The imports and exports of Xiamen’s private enterprises totaled 211.309 billion yuan, rising by 6.1% from the previous year. Of which the exports in the private enterprises jumped 2.6% year on year to 154.236 billion yuan and the imports leaped 16.5% to 57.073 billion yuan. The imports and exports of Xiamen’s foreign-funded enterprises were 231.886 billion yuan, up 13.6% compared with 2016, including exports of 134.492 billion yuan and imports of 97.394 billion yuan, up by 11.0% and 17.5% respectively.

The total value of imports and exports in general trade was 378.592 billion yuan, up by 16.2 percent, among which the value of the exports was 203.423 billion yuan, up by 2.6 percent; and that of imports was175.169 billion yuan, up by 37.1 percent year on year.

The year 2017 saw Xiamen’s trade with Taiwan increased by 8.3% to 38.793 billion yuan. Of this, the value of exports to Taiwan was 9.471 billion yuan, accelerating by 4.2% and the value of imports from Taiwan reached 29.322 billion yuan, up 9.9%.


Utilization of Foreign Capitals   

In the year 2017, there were 1,145 newly approved FDI projects in Xiamen, involving contractual foreign capitals of 32.812 billion yuan and actually utilized foreign capitals of 16.011 billion yuan, down by 34.3% and rising by 11.2% year on year respectively.

In 2017, Xiamen had introduced 92 projects in which capital exceeded US $10 million, with total contractual foreign capital of US $4.050 billion, a decrease of 39.3% over the previous year. Of these projects, 65 were newly approved with contractual foreign investment of US $2.250 billion and 22 were capital increment projects with US $1.280 billion. By the end of 2017, 60 enterprises among the global Fortune 500 had invested 109 projects in Xiamen, involving US $3.885 billion of contractual foreign capitals and US $2.737 billion of utilized foreign capitals.


Foreign Labor Services and Investment

In 2017, Xiamen attracted a total of 82 foreign-oriented investment projects with total investment capital of US$2.602 billion, decreasing by 53.0% over the previous year. Of which the capital investment by Chinese-funded institutions reached US$2.408 billion, dropping by 54.9%; and the actual capital investment was US$717 million, down 75.9%. The accomplished contract amount through foreign labor service contracting was US$117 million, dropping by 32.3% and the business had achieved a turnover of US$197 million, up by 3.1%. In the whole year, 13,164 employees were dispatched for labor services with a small growth of 1.0%, and the outsourced employee reached 12,100, a new increase of 1,215 as compared with last year.