Throughout the year 2017, the added value of transportation, storage, post and telecommunication sectors reached 35.328 billion yuan, increasing 11.0% year on year. The volume of passenger traffic rose to 101 million person-trips, up by 5.3% from a year earlier; the passenger turnover was 46.855 billion persons per kilometer, 18.7% higher than that in 2016; the cargo handling capacity achieved 303 million tons, up by 8.8%; and the goods turnover volume was 183.079 billion ton-kilometer, up 11.9%. By the end of that year, 165 production berths were available in Xiamen harbor (including Zhanghzou), 76 berths of which had the capacity of 10 thousand DWT. The cargo handling capacity at port was 211 million tons, decreasing by 1.0 %, while the container handling capacity was 10.3814 million TEUs (standard container of twenty foot equivalent unit), increasing by 8.0%.

There are 170 airlines available in the Xiamen airport,  8 cross-border airlines. 16 foreign (regional) airlines to 26 overseas cities (including HK, Macao, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung) were open in Xiamen airport in the airport were put into operation. The Xiamen International Airport saw its passenger throughout hitting 24.4852 million person-times in 2017, increasing by 7.7%. This included 3.3387 million passengers throughout via international and regional routes, up by 11.4%; and 338.7 thousand tons air freight transportation, up 3.1%.


Post and Telecommunication Services  

In 2017, the total business transaction of post and telecommunication services reached 20.163 billion yuan, an increase of 40.8% over the previous year. Of which, the business volume in postal services totaled 5.639 billion yuan, up by 22.2%; and that in telecom services 14.524billion yuan, an increase of 49.7%. By the end of 2017, Xiamen had 1.1171 million fixed-line telephone subscribers, 47.8 thousand less than last year, and 5.9607 million cellular subscribers in total, 248.1 thousand more than last year. Specifically, there were 340.6 thousand 3G mobile telephone subscribers and 4.6806 million 4G cellular subscribers. The number of fixed internet broadband access users was 2.0859 million, an increase of 397.7 thousand, and the mobile internet users numbered 5.1154 million.