There were a total of 48 banking financial institutions at the end of 2018. This included 12 banking financial institutions with the status of a legal person, one more than last year. The RMB and foreign currency deposits in the Chinese-funded and foreign-funded financial institutions totaled 1,099.5 billion yuan, up 3.7% over the previous year. And the RMB deposits in the Chinese-funded financial institutions reached 1,032.998 billion yuan, up by 4.5%, including 261.018 billion yuan of household saving deposits and 386.851 billion yuan of non-financial enterprises deposits, up by 13.9% and 7.8% respectively.
The RMB and foreign currency balance of  loans in Chinese-funded and foreign-funded financial institutions reached 1,055.405 billion yuan, up by 8.3%; and the RMB loans balance of Chinese-funded financial institutes were 966.266 billion yuan, up 10.3%. Of which, the short-term balance of loans increased 6.9% to 304.121 billion yuan and the medium and long-term balance of loans leaped to 614.658 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.5%. 
By the end of 2018, there were altogether 75 professional insurance intermediary agencies and 39 insurance companies in the whole city, including 21 property insurance companies and 18 life insurance companies. The premium income reached 21.051 billion yuan during the whole year, up 5.1%. Among which the property insurance saw a 9.2% increase in premium income and the life insurance had a growth of 2.7%, reaching 8.032 billion yuan and 13.019 billion yuan respectively. The year provides 14.13 trillion yuan worth of insurance reserve and 7.302 billion yuan of indemnity was paid out on insurance claims, up by 1.9% against the previous years. To be specific, the indemnity pay-outs in property insurance claims reached 4.386 billion yuan, down by 3.9%; and that in life insurance claims was 2.916 billion yuan, up 11.9% compared with last year.
The city had one securities company with legal person status; 25 securities branches with 5 more than the previous year; 105 securities business departments with 8 more than the previous year; 2 futures companies with legal person status; 10 futures branches with 5 more than the previous year; 29 futures business departments with 2 less than last year. By the end of the year, 1.9637 million funds had been opened by securities investors, an increase of 10.3%. The balance of customer trade settlement funds reached 9.681 billion yuan, down 1.5%; the annual turnover of securities totaled 3.84 trillion yuan, down 13.7%. By the end of the year, futures investors opened 50,600 capital accounts, an increase of 8.1%. The balance of customer trading settlement funds reached 4.115 billion yuan, down 24.9%; and the annual turnover of futures reached 2.7 trillion yuan, up 6.6%.