By the end of 2017, there were totally 1,701 health institutions in Xiamen, including 51 general hospitals, 39 community health service centers, 13 health centers, 363 outpatient departments, 7 maternal and child health-care institutions, 7 epidemic disease prevention centers, 1 specialized health institutions and 1 sanatorium. The total number of professional health and technical workers amounted to 31,182 in Xiamen, including 11,804 practicing doctors, 901 assistants practicing doctors and 13,402 registered nurses. There were totally 15,341 beds in the health-care institutions, among which the general hospitals altogether possessed 14,106 beds, the sanatoriums possessed 163 beds, the health service centers and health centers possessed 297 beds and the public health agencies possessed 775beds . The average life expectancy for Xiamen population as a whole was 80.45 years, an average of 80.45 years for male and an average of 83.41 years of female.