In 2017, Xiamen was newly approved as China’s Top 10 Power City for Construction of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Top 8 Priority City for the Building of IPR Operation Service System and Pilot Reform City for IPR Overall Management. There are altogether 1,425 engineering research centers, 847 innovative (pilot) enterprises technical centers (including 14 state-level ones) and 15 science and technology enterprises incubators (including 5 state-level ones).

By the end of 2017, there were altogether 121 city-level and above key laboratories, 131 engineering and technology research centers, 146 enterprises technology centers and 25 enterprise postdoctoral working stations. The number of city-level co-workings spaces was 203, of which 51 are provincial-level ones and 33 are state-level ones. A total of 14,678 domestic patents were authorized, of which 2,333 were patents for inventions. At the same time, the city had 278 PCT International patents applications last year. That brought the number of invention patents owned by every 100 thousand Chinese to 23.5 pieces. Among 447 items of scientific and technological achievements that were registered in 2017, 3 won the National Science and Technology Award, 62 won the prize of Provincial Science and Technology Award, 2 won the awards of City-level Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution and 55 won the City-level Science and Technology Awards.