In 2017, there were totally 1,293 schools of all levels and all varieties (including adult education and schools running by non-governmental sectors), with enrollment of totally 236.8 thousand students at the beginning of the academic year and 942 thousand internal students, including 16 general institutes of higher education, with 39.1 thousand enrolled students and 140.3 thousand internal students; 115 general secondary schools with 71 thousand enrolled students and 198.4 thousand internal students; 298 elementary schools with 55.7 thousand enrolled students and 310.5 thousand internal students; 709 kindergartens with 160.5 thousand internal children; 149 adult schools with 2,879 enrolled students and 114.3 thousand internal students; and 4 special education schools with 481 students at school. The total number of full-time teachers in Xiamen amounted to 52.3 thousand, each teacher having 18 students on average.