Several Cultural brand activities such as The 11th Cross-strait Culture & Creative Industry Fair, the 14th Cross-strait Book Fair, 2018 Cross-strait Folk Art Festival, 2018 Xiamen National Gongbi Painting Biennial Exhibition were held successfully in Xiamen. The year also saw Xiamen Jimei District Library open to the public. The Gaojia opera Ban Tou Ye was performed in the 2018 Opera Festival hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The solo dance Wild Grass from Xiamen Little White Egret Folk Dance Ensemble was selected into the 12th National Excellent Dance Exhibition. The opusculum Birthday from Xiamen Culture Center Group won the gold medal in the 14th East China Drama Opusculum Contest. 37 plays won the awards in the 7th Fujian Arts Festival, among which Gezi opera Qiao Pi, Xiang opera Xian Xiang Su Song won the 1st and 3rd awards respectively in the 27th Fujian Opera Performance, dance poems Xiamen Story, musicals Songs of Gulang, Nanyin Gulang Song won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the 4th Fujian Music Dance Acrobatics Drama Performance respectively. 
The city has 225 cultural relics protection units (261 points in total), including 7 national key units of cultural relics protection (34 points), 70 provincial-level units (76 points), 79 city-level units (82 points), 69 county-level (district-level) units (69 points) and 88 Taiwan cultural relics and historic sites. Xiamen Museum was approved as national second-level museum. Xiamen also assisted the National Underwater Archaeology Center in completing the first underwater archaeological survey in the Xiangan Liuwudian Warf area. Among 64 city-level or above intangible cultural heritage projects, 1 is world-class human oral and intangible heritage (Nanyin), 11 are national-level projects and 28 are provincial-level projects. The number of intangible cultural heritage representative inheritors at city-level or above amounted to 113, including 13 national-level ones and 52 provincial-level ones.
There are 7 public culture centers, 12 museums and memorials registered by Fujian Cultural Relics Bureau and 10 public libraries. In the year 2018, a total of 7 types of newspaper, 25 kinds of magazines and 14 kinds of overseas Chinese publication were issued. Altogether there are 7 sets of broadcasting programs and 7 sets of TV programs, 50 cinemas with 319 screens that altogether pocketed 501 million yuan at the box office by the end of year.