In 2019, there were altogether 1,928 national high-tech enterprises and 38 national advanced technology service enterprises. The number of “Little Giants” in science and technology enterprises had amounted to 852, of which 581 were the provincial leading ones. There were 31 science and technology enterprises incubators, including 7 state-level ones. There were altogether 148 city-level and above key laboratories, 128 engineering and technology research centers, 170 enterprise technology centers and 28 enterprise postdoctoral working stations. The number of city-level co-working spaces was 225, of which 86 were provincial-level ones, 31 were state-level registered ones, 2 were national professional demonstration base and 30 were city-level ones. A total of 23,013 domestic patents were authorized, of which 2,672 were patents for inventions. At the same time, the city had 1,958 pieces of international patents applications. That brought the number of invention patents owned by every 10 thousand persons to 31.8 pieces. Among 331 items of the newly-registered scientific and technological achievements, 6 won the National Science and Technology Awards.