In 2019, the 28th Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Festival was held successfully in Xiamen. The city also witnessed the successfully hosting of “Tribute to New China, Pursuit for New Era—Excellent Drama Exhibition Celebrating the 70th Founding Anniversary of PRC and the 70th Anniversary of Xiamen Liberation”, where 10 excellent plays and 2 symphonic concerts were selected and 31 performances were displayed to the public in main theaters inside and outside Xiamen Island, attracting nearly 20,000 citizen arrivals to theatre and mesmerizing 700 thousand subscribers on 5 online live videos . Xiamen Professional Arts Troupes had won 59 awards in such state-level or provincial-level competition as China Drama Festival. Musicals Songs of Gulang and Gezi opera Qiao Pi were selected as the 2019 Large-scale Stage Play and Works Funded Projects by China National Arts Fund and the performance is concluded with perfect ending.
The city has 209 cultural relics protection units (261 spots in total), including 7 national key units of cultural relics protection (50 spots), 54 provincial-level units (60 spots), 79 city-level units (82 spots), 69 county-level (district-level) units (69 spots) and 88 Taiwan cultural relics and historic sites. Among 89 city-level or above intangible cultural heritage projects, 1 is world-class human oral and intangible heritage (Nanyin), 11 are national-level ones, 36 are provincial-level ones and 41 are municipal-level ones. The number of intangible cultural heritage representative inheritors at city-level or above amounted to 111, including 13 national-level ones, 51 provincial-level ones and 47 are municipal-level ones.
There are 7 public culture centers, 10 public libraries and 12 museums and memorials registered by Fujian Cultural Relics Bureau. In the year 2019, a total of 6 types of newspaper, 25 kinds of periodicals and 14 kinds of overseas Chinese publication were issued. Altogether there are 7 sets of broadcasting programs and 7 sets of TV programs, 52 cinemas with 341 screens that altogether pocketed 541 million yuan at the box office by the end of that year.