Environmental Protection and Governance

In 2017, Xiamen ranked top in the provincial Party and government objective assessment of ecological civilization construction, achieving a title of Triple Crown. The whole year enjoyed fairly good or excellent air quality for 362 days and the excellent and good rate was 99.18 %, listing at number 4 out of 74 cities’ air quality. 100% of centralized drinking-water sources in Xiamen had come up to the standards in regard to water quality. In terms of the urban environmental noise in the daytime, the equivalent sound level of regional ambient noise was 55.2 dB(A) and that of road traffic noise was 67.3dB(A). Xiamen had met the 2017 targets for cutting the total discharge of major pollutants, among which the emission of SO2,NOX, COD, NH3-H decreased to 8.93%、12.19%、4.57% and 9.80% respectively.


Urban Greening

The city has an area of 339.20 square kilometers, including 130 parks covering an area of 3,220 hectares. The per capita green area of parks reached 13.07 square meters and the greenery coverage reached 14,955 hectares, with the city’s forest cover rate hitting 42.95%. The city sewage centralized treatment rate reached 95.76% and the pollution-free disposal rate of living garbage was 100%.