The total investment in fixed assets of Xiamen (excluding the rural households) was 238.146 billion yuan, up by 10.3% over the previous year. Grouped by types of industry, the fixed-asset investment into the primary industry declined by 13.1%, while the amount put in the secondary industry and the tertiary industry grew by 9.6% and 10.4% respectively. The investment ratio of these three major industries was 0.1:17.8:82.1.

The investment in infrastructure surged 14.8% during the same period to 90.98 billion yuan, of which that of transport grew 7.3% year on year to 53.668 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the investment in industry increased 7.8% percent year on year, totaling 42.862 billion yuan. Specifically, the investment in manufacture increased 4.5% to 37.052 billion yuan and the investment in social affairs rose 10.6% year on year to 9.264 billion yuan.

Xiamen completed 87.986 billion yuan for real estate development investment in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 14.9% and accounting for 36.9% of the total investment in fixed assets (excluding the rural households). The total construction area of commercial housing measured 42.877 million square meters, decelerating by 0.6% while new construction area of commercial housing went up to 6.0541 million square meters, an increase of 10.4%.