The city’s total investment in fixed assets (excluding the rural households) increased by 9.0% from the previous year. Grouped by types of industry, the FAI in the primary industry went down by 32.2%, while that in the secondary industry and the tertiary industries grew by 4.8% and 9.9%, respectively. 
The investment in infrastructure increased 1.8% year on year, of which the investment in transport declined by 16.8%. Meanwhile, the FAI in industry increased by 5.2%, of which that in manufacturing sector and social affairs increased by 5.8% and 70.0%, respectively.
Xiamen saw a 1.7% increase of its yearly investment in real estate. Among which the land purchase price had a decrease of 15.6%, accounting for 43.7% of the total. The construction area of commercial housing went down to 40.8916 million square meters, a decrease of 5.9%, while the new construction area of commercial housing measured  5,052.2 thousand square meters, accelerating by 21.9%.