Environmental Protection and Governance
In 2019, the city kept taking the lead in ecological conservation, with the ecological civilization index ranking first in cities at and above prefectural level. The air quality composite index was 2.98 and the good or excellent air quality rate was 97.5%, ranking at the fourth and fifth place respectively among 169 major cities in China. 100% of the state and provincial controlled sections and the centralized drinking-water sources in Xiamen had come up to the standards in regard to water quality. The west and east river basins with excellent or good water quality (up to or better than Class III) reached 80 %. Such two main indicators as inorganic nitrogen and active phosphate in Yandang Lake were down by 49.3% and 39.6% respectively. The soil environment protection was in a good state and so was the noise environment. In terms of the urban environmental noise in the daytime, the mean equivalent sound level of regional ambient noise was 55.8 dB(A) and that of road traffic noise was 67.2dB(A).   
Urban Greening 
The city has a construction area of 382.89 square kilometers, including 150 parks covering an area of 3,741.09 hectares. The per capita green area of parks reached 15.6 square meters and the greenery coverage in the built-up urban area reached 17,954.05 hectares, with coverage rate up to 45.13%. Meanwhile, the city’s sewage centralized treatment rate was 96.36% and the pollution-free disposal rate of living garbage was 100%.