The year of 2019 saw 261.8 thousand people newly employed in urban areas. The registered unemployment in urban areas totaled 24.9 thousand and the unemployment rate stood at 2.84%.  
Social Insurance 
By the end of the year, there were 3,202.1 thousand people participating in basic pension insurance program, 2,419.5 thousand participating in work-related injury insurance program and 2,406.6 thousand participating in unemployment insurance program, with a respective increase of 8.2%, 7.4% and 7.2% year on year. Of which 1,526 thousand migrant workers were covered by basic pension insurance, 1,531.1 thousand were covered by work-related injury insurance and 1,522.1thousand were covered by unemployment insurance, with an increase of 7.0%、6.7% and 7.0% respectively. These three types of insurance had achieved premium revenue of 15.775 billion yuan and expenditures of 14.019 billion yuan, with the accumulated balance topping 72.139 billion yuan over the years.
There were 34 work-related injury insurance designated medical institutions, 4 auxiliary appliance configuration institutions and 4 rehabilitation institutions. In the whole year, 37.5 thousand people had received unemployment insurance payment of 332 million yuan and 355.3 thousand retirees had enjoyed social management services. The city’s social management coverage ratio was 99.99% and the community management rate was 100%.