Software Park phase III in Jimei is setting up an Innovative Area in the Start zone, as well as a Comic and Animation zone, amongst others, covering a total area of 4.7 square kilometers and leading to be a 15-minute innovative living area.
  Compared with Software Park phase Ⅱ, phase III is ten times larger with a planned area of 11.8 square kilometers. As a platform for innovation entrepreneurship and industrial economy, it's expected to bring in over 200 billion yuan and attract more than 200,000 entrepreneurs and top talents, once it comes fully into use.
  A large expanse covering a thirtieth of Jimei District, it will also consummate the new urban function of this area and enhance its population carrying capacity. It will, therefore, be a convenient place where people can live and work a comfortable life.
  To date, 183 companies employing around 5,000 staff have moved into the Start zone. To facilitate the citizens' life, the relevant departments in Jimei held a meeting and launched 74 projects which covered infrastructure, social programs and industry, among other things.
  The public transport plan supporting the third phase of Software Park will add four public bus lines, increase frequency and there will be a special BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stop on line 1. Moreover, public bicycle stations have been set up inside the park and a new batch of public bikes will enter service this month.
  As for the daily living facilities, cinemas, cafes, shops, gyms, canteens, public toilets and free WiFi are all planned. What's more, construction work will also start on apartments, hospitals and schools in order to meet increased demand.
  Jimei government has decided to further develop polices and improve service such as providing consultants and lawyers to attract more talents to settle. Additionally, it will take full advantage of the nearby colleges to enhance this new regional innovation center.