A 60-metre-long timber jetty providing an unobstructed view of the sea, will be constructed, along with four additional public squares on Huandao Road.
  The 92,720,000 yuan renovation project of Huandao Road from Changwei Reef to Wutong, is  due to be completed in 2017, forming a 2,394-metre-long beach with 60-metre-wide beach berms and a 120-metre-wide beach face. The shoreline runs through the four villages of Dongzhai, Nijin, Pukou and Fengtou, in which the four squares, Mingyue Square, Chengfeng Square, Ruiyun Square and Chanjuan Square, will be established. 
  The off-shore timber jetty is to be constructed alongside Chanjuan Square, stretching 60 meters out into the sea. A lookout tower will also be built in Wutong to observe Quemoy’s scenery from afar. 
  Meanwhile, a 4,570 square metre parking lot that can accommodate over 400 vehicles will be built near Fengtou Village. 
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