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Advance to Xiamen Boardwalk

Opened June 26, 1870, the world’s first boardwalk is still the most famous, with 7.5km of casinos, restaurants, stores and amusements. But while boardwalks seem to be springing up all over the planet, the most beautiful boardwalk on the planet (and one of the longest) is right here in Xiamen!

reminds me of a beachfront housing area just south of Barcelona  Spain!Beautiful Xiamen elevated Island Ring Road

Xiamen's scenic Island Ring Road is a 31km stretch of parks and attractions unlike anything else on the planet, but it was almost too big to enjoy except from afar, by bus or car. But our new boardwalk lets us appreciate our home's unique beauty, up close and personal.

eventually the entire boardwalk will be lit up at night.beautiful beaches along part of the boardwalkIt's nice they left a few old wooden fishing boats to add a little atmosphere

From Xiamen University beach it extends a good 5 km., past Huli Fort, Music Square, and numerous beaches, parks, and restaurants. Eventually it will extend to the International Exhibition Center, well over 10km away.

workmen weaving the hemp rope webbing along an elevated area of the Xiamen boardwalkThis beach area looks rather mediterranean!

Some areas evoke images of the Mediterranean, with sprawling white villas fronting the blue sea.
Xiamen University Beach -- beginning of Board Walkfishermen in their colorful minnan fishing boat in Xiamen bayfishermen love fishing on this part

Xiamen boardwalk has quickly become people’s favorite escape, you can walk it not only every morning but many evenings as well, stopping only to rest in the small wooden pavilions, or to inspect some of the countless works of art.

minnan fishermen on  wooden boat cruising the shoreone of many delightful wooden pavilions' great place to rest sole and soul  fishermen like the boardwalk too--to dry their nets and fish traps!south fujian fishing boat pulled up to shore to sell fish

Eventually most of the walk will be lit up at night, but even now the ambient light level is such that you can walk it (though carefully) on starless, moonless nights.
nice beach area; red oar sculpture in backgroundfishermen tending nets on colorful south fujian minnan fishing boatelevated on large steel frame; picturesque view from here

The boardwalk does have a few snags. For example, during the highest tides, such as we have during the mid-autumn festival, some sections are submerged. You’d think the engineers could have asked a local fisherman how high the tides get! Most of the boardwalk is built of quality pressure treated wood, but no wood can stand up to salt water long. It is such a delightful addition to the already picturesque Island.

They used good wood on this!  Dura Guard duraguard pressure treated wood by HooverSue resting in one of the many pavilionsthese pavilions are designed to give many people at once a little privacy while they rest

So set your alarm to rise with the sun tomorrow and head straight for Boardwalk! (Copyright http://www.amoymagic.com/ )