In recent years, rapid increase of motor vehicles leads to increased traffic jam which seriously worsened the operation environment of public transportation. The development of Xiamen public transportation faces a great challenge.

  A new round of great-leap-forward development of Xiamen and the transit of urban planning from  Island City to Bay City propose  new requirements for public transportation.

  Xiamen Municipal Government has stipulated Proposals for Preferential Development of Public Transportation System and proposed development of Bus Rapid Transit. Construction of Xiamen Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Network has been demonstrated and proved by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of  City Planning.

  Xiamen urban planning strategy : “One Center , Two Rings; One Main District, Four Complementary Districts (Eight Parts)”

  Comprehensive Layout of City Transportation

  Road Network---- The layout of BRT is based on the actinomorphic and annular road network .Chessboard-squared and freestyle road network will be formed to match the terrain.

  Structure of road network: four actinomorphic roads +eight ring roads

  The four actinomorphic roads refer to the roads connecting Xiamen Island part and the main land part of Xiamen which are aiming to direct transportation between Xiamen and the adjecent cities.

  Eight ring roads refer to 2 island ring roads, 3 ring roads circling the east coast of Xiamen Island part, 1 ring road circling the west coast of Xiamen, and 1 ring road circling the bay, which are aiming to direct transportation on Xiamen Island part.

  First-phase Network Layout of Xiamen BRT

  Xiamen BRT Layout

  Xiamen BRT aims to provide easy access to public transportation for urban residents. Influence on transportation system over the city and benefits of public transportation enterprises  are taken into consideration. Following are the principles regulated.

  Layout of Xiamen BRT shall conform with the city planning of land utilization so as to promote the urban development. Subways, railways and BRT which are to be constructed  will join with original public transportation network to form the new  urban public transportation network of Xiamen . Development of the new road network ,combined with improved public transportation service will guarantee usage and development of land ,also the urban development of Xiamen .

  The layout also requires the things as follows: take full advantage of present public transportation system, coordinate utilization of new and old public transportation routes and railway routes so as to show large capacity and fast speed of BRT; open up BRT routes connecting main public transportation routes; adjust present public transportation routes in accordance with BRT routes ; take future layout of subways and light trails into consideration  and make necessary supplement for uncovered areas of future subways and light trails ;  link bus routes, future subways and light trails with BRT for easy access to pulic trasportation for local residents;

  To show and implement people-oriented principles.

  6 BRT routes will be constructed in accordance with up-mentioned principles :

  First-phase Network Layout of Xiamen BRT??

  No.  Route  Origin---destination Pass

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