Public Transportation

The public transportation network of Xiamen is developed with reasonable station coverage and low price. There are bus routes to and fro most tourist attractions in Xiamen. In addition to the bus, Xiamen has 6 BRT routes which can quickly arrive at the destination. The detailed bus routes can be refered on "My Bus", "Bus" and other mobile APP or by calling 0592- 968828.


Xiamen has small area but has many taxies. Taking a taxi to visit different tourist attractions is a kind of economical, fast and convenient means of transportation. Reservation call for ordinary taxi: 0592- 5320000; on- call taxi phone: 968890. In addition, Shenzhou Zhuanche and Didi Chuxing are also popular in Xiamen.


Xiamen is a city suitable for slow traveling and many roads have bicycle lanes. In addition to the public bicycle, ofo bicycle, Mobike, hello bicycle, Xiaobai bicycle are also availabe for tourists to cycle in Xiamen.