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The 10,000 Rock Botanical Garden

The 10,000 Rock Botanical Garden (Wanshi Zhiwuyuan ), has many rocks, and beautifully landscaped trails winding amongst 20+ nurseries with over 5,300 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants, many found nowhere else on earth.

Main Scenic Spots:
1.Wanshi Lake (Wanshihu
), reservoir built in 1952.
2.Spring & Autumn Bridge (Chunqiu Qiao
) between Bamboo Path and Palm Garden. 
3.Conifer Garden: over 80 species of pines, cypress and firs, including sequoia (found only in California and Central China and gingko, which Chinese claim have been around 2 billion years.)
The Bamboo Path   Chinese have long said "Better no meat than no bamboo." This giant grass well 1,000 uses, and China has over 200 of the  world's 1000 species of bamboo. In North Fujian you can even find a rare square bamboo!
Visit the Rose Garden, Palm Garden, 1,000m2 Flower Exhibition Hall (over 1000 species of flowers), and Araucaria Lawn (Deng Xiaoping planted a camphor there).  The Botanical Garden is free before 7AM, making it perfect for daily morning exercises.

Tiger Stream Night MoonBotanical Garden Temples:
Tiger Stream Temple (Huxi Yan Si ) is on the west side of Drunk ImmortalMtn. (Zuixian Mtn.), near the Botanical Garden. It's said a tiger lived in one of the caves, so the stone "Immortals' Bridge"  is also called "Cross the Tiger Bridge" . The area's known for its ancient calligraphic inscriptions on boulders.  
Tiger Stream Night Moon  (Huxi Yeyue)
Locals say that on the 15th of the Lunar month, the moon shining upon the clay Buddhist figurines and the clay tiger makes them appear to come alive, and on the evening of  Mid-autumn Festival, thousands of pilgrims vie to be the first to watch the moon work its magic.

Contact Information:
Add: a.Huyuan Lu, near Botanical Garden.  Tel: 202 173 2
         b.Tiger Stream Vegetarian Restaurant  Tel: 212 179 9

Wan Shilian Temple (Wan Shilian Si ) in the Botanical Garden, was built in the late Ming Dynasty by General Shilang. The gWan Shilian Templeate has a pair of antithetical couplets written by the famous Master Hongyi .
Border of Heaven Temple
(Tianjie Si ), also in the Botanical Garden, is famous for its morning bell, (Tianjie Xiaozhong ) which is poetically described as "Dawn Bell Ringing from Heaven's Border." Tianjie is also famous for the saying story of Tianjie Learner and the common Xiamen saying, "No wife, no monkey".

The botanical garden's other temples include Crag in the Clouds Temple (Yunzhongyan Si ), Pacific Crag Temple (Taipingyan Si ), White Deer Cave Temple (Bailudong Si ), Purple Cloud Crag Temple (Ziyunyan Si ), Purple Bamboo Grove Temple (Zizhulin), Immortal Crag Temple and Sweet Dew Temple (Ganlu Si ). The South Fujian Buddhist College's nunnery is in the Purple Bamboo Grove Temple. 

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