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Xiamen University

  Xiamen University, the picturesque campus by the sea, is a wonderful place to stroll around on a sunny morning or afternoon. First head for the lake in the center of campus. If you walk the paths around the lake you will discover arched bridges and an island with bronze life-size statues. From the lake you can see the modern architecture of the new administration and classroom buildings as well as the original ancient style dormitory buildings on the opposite sides. Behind those buildings you can hike up the mountains in the back. There are many trails that lead over the mountain to the botanical gardens on the other side.
  If you walk to the East of the lake you will find paths leading to the ancient style original campus classrooms that surround a football stadium which has a view of the ocean. The ocean and the beautiful beach road are bordering the campus. There are beautiful walkways along the beach and benches for a relaxing time contemplating the waves.
  On the North side of campus are the bustling campus stores and many small restaurants. If you want to take a hike over the mountain, the easy path is found by heading straight up the road from the Nan Pu Tuo University Entrance and past the round cafeteria and keep to your left following the road. They have made a stone path the whole way over the mountain and then down into the botanical gardens. You first pass through the military park and veer to the right and down. It is the back way into the Gardens and it used to be free going that way, but now they charge 20rmb per person. (from   http://www.uukm.com/chinese_gb/web/artc/3780.html)