Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone) was co-founded in 1990 by the State Science and Technology Commission and Xiamen Municipal People’s Government and designated as one of the first State-level high-tech industrial development zones by the State Council in March 1991. As one of China’s “Torch”-named State-level high-tech zones, Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone has been successively honored as an “Outstanding National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone”, an “Outstanding National Institution in Invigorating Trade through Science and Technology”, an “Outstanding National Institution in Terms of Science and Technology Management System”, and an “Outstanding Software Industrial Base Management Institution of the National Torch Program”.
  Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone implements a “Multiple Parks within a Single Zone” development strategy. At present, the zone includes one incubation base – the Xiamen Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars; three integrated parks – the Torch Park, Torch (Xiang’an) Industrial Zone, and Tongji Park; and four specialized parks – the Software Park, the Information Optoelectronics Park, the Foxconn Haicang Torch Industrial Park, and the PKU Bioway Park. A cluster of industries has emerged from Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone, including three pillar industries – optoelectronics, electric power and electric equipment, and information technology, as well as specialty industries, such as biopharmaceuticals, new materials, and precision manufacturing. More than 1,400 enterprises, including 16 Fortune 500 companies such as ABB, DELL, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitec, AREVA and Schneider, are growing robustly in the high-tech zone.
  The integration of industry and academia at Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone has strongly stimulated economic growth and the development of science and technology, enabled enterprises to become the primary force in science and technology research and development, technology innovation, and application of innovation achievements, and effectively promoted technology and system innovation by enterprises. At present, the zone is home to nine “National”-named industrial cluster innovation and incubation bases, including the National High-tech Product Export Base, the National Torch Program Software Industrial Base, the National Export Innovation Base for Invigorating Trade through Science and Technology, the National Torch Program Xiamen Electric Power and Electric Equipment Industrial Base, the National Pilot Optoelectronic Display Industrial Cluster, the National Xiamen High-tech Innovation Center, the Xiamen National Pioneering Park for Overseas-educated Personnel, the Xiamen University National Incubation Park for University Science and Technology Parks, and Xiamen National Software Park Incubation Base. Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone has become a “star maker” for high-tech enterprises, featuring seamless integration of science and technology development, commercialization of development achievements, and penetration of the market.
  Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone, accounting for less than 3% of Xiamen’s industrial energy consumption and merely 0.4% of the city’s land area, contributes as much as 30% of the city’s industrial output.
  Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone is the main engine driving the economic growth of Xiamen Special Economic Zone and an important window on the city’s opening-up initiative, playing a significant role in promoting the economic development and high-tech industrialization of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. It’s poised to become a base of high-tech innovation, high-tech industrialization, high-tech product export and high-tech business incubation, as well as a concentration of scientists and engineers and technology-oriented enterprises.   

Address: 2/F, South Torch Building Torch Park Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone
TEL: 6035145 3923066
FAX: 5714308