Haicang is situated to the southeast of Xiamen Island on a tip of the Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Delta in South Fujian bordering Zhangzhou City to the west, Jimei District to the north, and overlooking Xiamen Island across the narrow water. The 100-square-kilometer Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone is the largest national Taiwanese investment zone authorized by the State Council in 1989. it became an administrative district of Xiamen in 2003 and has kept Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone in name and in its functions as well. At present, Haicang District has an area of 173.6 square kilometers and a population of 1.43 million, governing 28 administrative villages like Haicang and Dongfu, and two resident committees of Haifa and Haicang, and in possession of three farms of Haicang Farm, the First Farm and Tianzhushan Forestry.

  Haicang enjoys superior natural conditions for ports, with a coastline stretching 26km long spacious for thirty-six 10,000-ton berths. It links downtown Xiamen closely with Haicang Bridge which provides easy access to the infrastructure and various advantages there for strong complementary effects. Nowadays, infrastructure in Haicang has grown to qualify profitable investment foundation. There is a 50,000-ton container berth, a 100,000-ton oil dock, and a 50,000-ton chemical dock and ten 10,000-ton berths are under construction. Haicang also provides convenient transportation, with two national highways of 319 and 324 crossing the districts, high-level highways linking with Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou Freeway and Haicang Railway connecting to Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, passenger trains and goods trains here have easy access to every part of the country. It has perfect water and electricity supply, with completion of the first-phase project of a water factory with capacity of 80,000 tons/day, completion of a raw water project with capacity of 60,000 tons/day, completion of the first phase project of a sewage treatment with capacity of 100,000 tons/day, completion of the first-phase project of Songyu Power Plant with 600,000kw units and 220KV and110KV  transformer substations respectively. Besides, Haicang is equipped with various establishments for life like schools, hospitals, banks, stock exchanges and telecommunications that meet the requirements of life and business within the district.

  More than a decade of devoted efforts has made Haicang District a key economic growth point and modernized industrial base for Xiamen. Three backbone industries of Chemistry, Electronics and Mechanism have been formed in this land, where are based many key projects with intensive investment and high technology including Xianglu Fibers, Kodark, Amoi Electronic, Xianglu Petrifaction, and so on. East Xinyang Industrial Area is filled with projects, West Xinyang Industrial Area and Dongfu Industrial Area are growing fast, South Petrifaction area has started to grow and the export process zone has reached a scale. Until 2004, Haicang has introduced 719 domestic and overseas projects totaling at RMB 68.2 billion for investment. Of this total, 275 foreign-invested projects have USD 4.46 billion in contracts and USD 3 billion in actual use(old criteria), investment of social fixed assets amounts to RMB 36.78 billion, over 132 large industrial enterprises have been introduced including 30 enterprises with over 10 million turnover and 9 enterprises with over a billion turnover. In 2004, economy operated well compared with the previous year with much increased indicators for economic strength: Haicang GDP reached RMB13.35 billion, 109.5%. of the goal , up 25.1% over the previous year, Gross Industrial Output Value reached RMB 38.25 billion, 103.4% of the goal, up 26.9%, contractual utilization of foreign investment was USD 222million and actual utilization USD 150 million (new criteria), cargo volume handled were 10.55 million tons, up 23%, of which containers numbered 743 thousand, up 29.7%. From January to April in 2005, Haicang experienced a fast growing momentum, when GDP reached RMB 5.1 billion, up 19.2%, Gross Industrial Output Value reached RMB 14.71 billion, up 15.0%, contractual utilization of foreign investment was USD 46.44 million and actual utilization USD 104 million (new criteria), cargo volume handled were 3.9 million tons, of which containers numbered 336 thousand. 

  Following the Strategy in Developing Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait by Fujian Province and following Xiamen’s positioning to be a key center in this zone, and armed with the scientific outlook of development, Haicang will strive in the upsurge of Economic Zone of West Strait construction to proper into an industrial power with modern ports and advanced urban facilities capable of coordinated and sustainable growth in economy and social progress. We will optimize its industry structures and distribution, speed up the development of three backbone industries of Chemistry, Electronics and Mechanism to ensure the 2010 GDP surpassing RMB 100 billion. Meanwhile we will accelerate the intensiveness, modernization, and specialization of the port development, raise the cargo capacity and modernize/ socialize the logistic so that the port of Haicang becomes a hub along the southeast coast. And in the process of rural urbanization and industrialization, the district strives to become a new living center of human-oriented and cared comfort and admiration where eco-environment is vigilantly protected and social courses cultured.