Jimei District (Pinyin: JíMěi Qū) is one of the districts in Xiamen, Fujian province, China. Founded in 1992, it is the administrative district for Guankou ,Xinlin town, Houxi, Xinglin Street, Jimei Street and Qiaoying Street. It spans an area of 270 km2. The total local resident population is 280,000. Jimei District has a rich history and vibrant culture. It hosts modern facilities such as universities, a culture center, cinema, stadium, library and culture square.Xiamen Bridge connects Jimei and Xiamen Island and the important gateway to Xiamen Special Economic Zone
  Jimei is the educational hub of Xiamen with over 90 years of history. The famous overseas Chinese, Chen Jiageng, established the Jimei Educational Institution. This is a complete educational system which consists of kindergarten, primary school, middle school to high school. He was also influential in the establishment of universities such as Jimei University and Huaqiao University.
  Jimei together with Xinlin district are one of the districts targeted at Taiwanese investments. In the last ten years, economic activity has grown substantially in Jimei. It is a hub for services, basic and manufacturing industries. Jimei District attracted 610 foreign investment projects with value of US$2.693 billion. The total GDP of the district reached 8.335 billion yuan.
  It now has the north industrial area, Xingbie industrial area, Guangnan industrial area, Central Asia industrial area and Xingna Industrial area.
  Websit: http://www.jimei.gov.cn/myoffice/jimeiIndex.do