Haicang (Pinyin: Hǎicāng Qū ) is the mainland district of Xiamen city, Fujian Province, the People's Republic of China.
  1.The Haicang investment zone is divided into four administrative districts.
  2.Haicang New Urban District 
  3.Haicang Port
  4.South Industrial District
  5.Xinyang Industrial District
  The first district is the Haicang New Urban District with an area of 32 km². This district consist mainly of services such as commerce, finance, real estate, tourism and entertainment businesses.
  The second district is Haicang port area with an area of 10 km². This district is mainly comprises port terminals, energy industry, and bonded storage. The 5 km deep water coastline has 49 berths with can handle 10,000 tons vessels. It is predicted to handle 90 million tons of goods annually.
  The third is the South Industrial District with an area of 13 km². This district houses the technology, capital intensive industries and heavy industries. It also caters for chemical, machinery, electronic, metallurgical, and chemical fibre industries.
  The final district is Xinyang Industrial Zone with an area of 30 km². This district caters for medium and small size companies in the technology and capital intensive industries. It will also provide space for industries in machinery, electronics, fine chemicals, building materials, and plastic and rubber industries. In addition, there are commercial, real estate, and public facilities.
  The government of Haicang Investment Zone actively invites foreign investment in high technology and capital intensive industries, with emphasis on electronics, manufacturing, petrochemicals, machinery, refined chemicals, new building materials, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry.

  Website: http://www.haicang.gov.cn/