Huli District (Pinyin Húlì Qū) is located in the north of Xiamen island with 3 sides facing the ocean. Huli is the heart of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. It was founded as district in November 1987. Huli District administers Jiangtou, Heshan, Jingshan, Huli and Dianqian. It covers land area of 61.41km2 which is 46.33% of the entire island.The coastline is 24 kilometres. Huli District is the centre for commerce, science, education, sports, tourism and culture.
  Huli District’s GDP in 2002, was 3.561 billion yuan. The total economic value was 7.127 billion yuan. The Per capita net income of the residents was 8250 yuan. By 2002 year end, the total population of Huli District was 127 200. This made up of 44 400 households. The total population of urban residents is 101 900 which consist of 80.11% of total population. By the start of 2006, local residents were up to 440,000 including 320,000 from other places. This equal to 72.73% of entire population.
  Huli District has very modern and developed infrastructure such as the Gaoqi International Airport, Municipal road network, regional road network, city communication network and water, electricity, gas and sewage disposal system. The northern coast of Huli District boast a deep water port.