Main Functions :

1. Prepare and arrange meetings, conferences and important activities of Xiamen Municipal Government, assist municipal government leaders to write government work report and supervise execution of decisions made in governmental meetings and conferences;

2. Assist municipal government leaders to examine, verify and draft documents, letters and telegraphs in the name of Xiamen Municipal Government or the General Office of Xiamen Municipal Government; deal with documents, letters and telegraphs from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the State Council, Fujian Provincial Government or Party Committee, state ministries, commissions and offices; edit and issue government gazette of Xiamen Municipal Government.

3. Handle requests and reports fromdistrict governments and be responsible for the examination and verification, raise suggestions for solutions and submit for approval.

4. Coordinate disputes between different offices of the municipal government, propose solutions and submit the solutions to municipal government leaders for final decision.

5. Be on duty for emergencies and important incidents and be responsible for reports to the municipal government leaders in time, coordinate the municipal government leaders to deal with emergencies and major accidents.

6. Inspect execution of documents issued by the municipal government and fulfillment of decisions made in meeting and conferences by the municipal government, important instructions of municipal government leaders.

7. Deal with proposals, criticisms, suggestions urged by NPC members and proposals put forward by People's Political Consultative Committee of Xiamen, report to leaders of the municipal government.

8. Direct investigation and research in accordance with instructions of municipal government leaders, report important situations in time, raise suggestions to assist decision-makings by the leaders of the municipal government.

9. Collect, edit, submit and report information on government affairs so as to help decision-making of the State Council, the Provincial Government and the municipal government leaders.

10.Deal with problems raised through mayor hotline and the municipal government e-mail box, coordinate with the General Office of the Municipal Committee to solve problems raised through letters or visits of the people.

11. Be responsible for planning, construction and management of municipal government informationalization network, coordinate with the Party and government organizations for informationalization works.

12. Be responsible for administration of the diplomatic offices directly under the Xiamen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and departments under the leadership of the General Office of Xiamen Municipal Government.

13. Offer services concerning personnel, Party affairs, retirees of the General Office and supervise works of subdivisions directly under the leadership of the General Office concerning offering services to personnel and Party affairs.

14. Be responsible for logistic services, civil services and reception works of Xiamen Municipal Government, also the General Office of Xiamen Municipal Government.

15. Deal with other works assigned by leaders of the municipal government.

Contact Information

Add: West Building of Xiamen Municipal Government, No. 61, North Hubin Road

Postcode: 361012


Tel: 5052330,5052331