Lin Rui, male, ethnic Han, native of Minhou County, Fujian Province, born in August 1967, Police Commissioner at Class II, began working in August 1989. He is a member of the CPC and holds a bachelor degree of the People’s Police University of China.


Lin successively served as Deputy Division Chief of the Public Information and Web Security Supervision Bureau of Public Security Department, Deputy Director General of Quanzhou Public Security Department (a temporary position), chief at the Web Security Guarding Team of Fujian Public Security Department. Lin became Vice Mayor of Quanzhou government and Director General of the Municipal Public Security Bureau(PSB)in Aug. 2011. In the tenth month of 2013, he began serving as assistant mayor of Xiamen government and Director General of its Municipal PSB. Lin has been the vice mayor of Xiamen government as well as the Director General of its Municipal PSB since May, 2015.