Zhang Yigong, born in October 1968, is a male ethnic Han from Xiamen, Fujian Province. Starting the career in August 1990, Zhang is a CPC member with a bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences.

2002.8-2003.7: Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tong’an district Committee.

2003.7-2011.2: Deputy secretary of the CPC Xiang’an District Committee, deputy mayor of Xiang’an and chairman of the CPPCC Xiang’an District Committee.

2011.2-2016.6: Deputy secretary and then secretary of the CPC Huli District Committee, deputy mayor of Huli district.

2016.7: Became a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Xiamen Municipal Government in July 2016 and the deputy head of the Commanding Center for the Development and Construction of Tong’an & Xiang’an Hi-tech Industry Base.

2016.10:Was appointed the vice mayor of Xiamen Municipal People’s Government.

Zhang is also a deputy to the 12th People’s Congress and the member of the 11th CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee.