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Tongji New and High-Technology Park
Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars

Major Preferential Treatment
Torch Hi-Tech Park
Software Park
Beijing University Biological Park
Luqiao Hi-Tech Park

Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (XTHTIDZ) was jointly established by the former State Scientific and Technological Commission and Xiamen People’s Government in 1990 and was enlisted by the State Council in 1991 among the first national high and new technology industrial development zones in China. The zone was determined by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation to be a national high and new technology product export base in 2000. With the development and construction in the past 10 years, XTHTIDZ has gradually developed into "one zone with multi parks". The core district covers the Torch Hi-Tech Park, the Software Park, the Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars, the Luqiao Hi-Tech Park, the Beijing University Biological Park and Tongji New and High-Technology Park and the policy radiation district is extended to cover Haicang Hi-Tech Park, Jimei Hi-Tech Park, Kaiyuan Hi-Tech Park, Xinglin Environment Protection Hi-Tech Park and the On-Campus Incubation Center of Xiamen University Hi-Tech Park. The total planned area for the zone is 10 square kilometers.

The favorable investment environment and high return turns XTHTIDZ into a hot spot for foreign investment. After a thorough inspection of the software and hardware environments of the zone, American Bourns Inc. came to the conclusion that Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is the most ideal development zone for foreign investors among the 53 national high and new technology zones in China. Enterprises among the world top 500 such as Dell, ABB Switch, ABB Low-Voltage, ABB High-Voltage, Panasonic, FDK, Xiamen Tungaloy, and Fujitsu are rapidly expanding their operation in Xiamen. During the ten years from 1992 to 2001, the major economic indexes of XTHTIDZ grow by 100 times. The total industrial output grows from RMB 146 million to RMB 14.6 billion and the number of enterprises with annual out of over RMB 100 million reaches 19. Thirteen years after its establishment, the Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (XTHTIDZ) is now at a new stage of development, a stage marked with more favorable conditions and opportunities. The municipal government's strategy of developing Xiamen proper into a greater Xiamen, or a "Bay City" as is often known, has brought about immense opportunities for XTHTIDZ. The zone will take advantage of the newly set-up East Industrial Area to accelerate the development of its industry towards a larger scale and more centralization. Priorities will be given to key industrial sectors or industry with special features.

The industrial development of XTHTIDZ is oriented at information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, oceanology, advanced manufacturing, and environment technology. The export value of XTHTIDZ accounts for 41% of the total industrial output of XTHTIDZ, most of its exports go to countries and areas such as the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, West Europe, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The exported products include hi-tech products such as computer set, color monitor, microscope, power supplier, integrate circuit, stepping motor, critesistor, wireless telephone, switching equipment, tungsten carbide micro-drill, etc.

XTHTIDZ encourages and supports various medias in consultancy, evaluation, accounting, auditing, and law to provide services ranging from investment consultancy to technology transfer, asset appraisal, information service, legal service, transaction of property rights, foreign trade agency, labor flow, etc.

XTHTIDZ welcomes investors from at home and abroad to set up their businesses in the zone.