The Machinery Industrial Park has the automobile, engineering machinery and relevant accessory industries as its prevailing industries. As a modern machinery industrial park, it has a planned total area of 1,542.21 hectares and primarily includes the projects of Xiagong Industrial Park, Automobile Industrial Park, Phase II project of Machinery Industrial Park, Supporting Industrial Park and residential district.
Xiagong Industrial Park was launched into formal construction in December 2002. It is primarily designed for the production of excavators, skid steer loaders, light-duty engineering machineries, forks, road machineries, engineering steel structures, special-purpose automobiles, etc.
The Automobile Industrial Park was launched into construction in 2004 and it is designed to contain four functional zones, i.e. finished automobile manufacturing zone, auto part manufacturing zone, R&D and administration center and logistics zone. It includes 14 projects with a total investment of about RMB 4 billion Yuan and an anticipated annual output of about RMB 20 billion. The primary enterprises in the Park include King Long United Automotive, Yuchai Engine, Golden Dragon Auto Body, Golden Dragon Air Conditioning, etc.
The Phase II project of the Machinery Industrial Park is planned to have a total investment of about RMB 4.8 billion Yuan and an annual output of RMB 12 billion Yuan. It is primarily designed for the development of the following industries: medium-pressure oil cylinder, construction material machinery, electronic machinery, hydraulic oil pipe, high-pressure oil cylinder, high-pressure pump and valve, wind electricity generating machinery, special-purpose automobile and auto part.
The Supporting Industrial Park is expected to attract relevant enterprises which provide support for leading enterprises such as Xiagong and King Long.