Catalogue of Industries in Which Foreign Investment Is Prohibited

I. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery

1. Cultivation and planting of rare and precious breeds of our country (including fine genes in planting industry, animal husbandry and aquatic products industry)
2. Production and development of trans-gene plant seeds
3. Fishing of aquatic products in the sea area under China's domination or in China's inland water area

II. Mining

1. Reconnaissance, mining and selection run of radioactive mineral products
2. Reconnaissance, mining and selection of rare earths

III. Manufacturing

(i) Food processing
1. Processing of green tea and special teas by Chinese traditional process (famous tea and black tea, etc.)
(ii) Medicine production
1. Processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials listed as State-protected resources (musk, licorice roots, jute grass, etc.)
2. Production of traditional techniques for preparing traditional Chinese herbal medicines in small doses ready for decoction and products of secret recipes for traditional Chinese medicine preparations
(iii) Non-ferrous metal metallurgy and rolling