I. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery
1. Development and production of foodstuff (including potato), cotton, seeds of oil crops (China as the holding party)
2. Log fabrication of rare type of tree (for joint venture and cooperation only)

II. Mining

1. Reconnaissance and mining of Tungsten, Stannum, Stibium, Platinum, barite and fluorite (for joint venture and cooperation only)
2. Reconnaissance and mining of noble metal (Gold, Silver and Platinum families)
3. Reconnaissance and mining of noble non-metallic mineral such as diamond
4. Reconnaissance and mining of special and rare type of coal (China as the holding party)
5. Mining of borax-magnesium and borax-magnesium-iron mineral
6. Mining of celestite

III. Manufacturing

(i) Food processing
1. Production of yellow wine and white wine
2. Production of foreign branded carbon acid beverage
3. Production of synthetic sweet taste agent made of saccharin
4. Processing of fats or oils
(ii) Cigarette processing
1. Production of cigarettes and filter tips
(iii) Textile
1. Wool and cotton textile
2. Silk textile
(iv) Printing and copying
1. Printing of publication (China as the holding party except packing decoration printing)
(v) Oil refining and coking
1. Construction and operation of coking plants
(vi) Manufacture of chemical materials and chemical products
1. Production of ion film caustic soda
2. Production of photosensitive materials
3. Production of benzidine
4. Production of easily poisoning chemicals (ephedrine, 3, 4 -piperonyl-2- acetone, phenylacetic acid, 1-phenyl-2- acetone, heliatropin, yellow-camphor, iso-yellow-camphor, and acetic oxide)
5. Production of titanium dioxide using vitriolic method
6. Processing of ludwigite
7. Production of barium solt
(vii) Medicine production
1. Production of chloromycetin, penicillin G, lincomycin, gentamicin, dihydrostreptomycin, amikacin, tetracycline hydrochloride, terramycin, medemycin, leucomycin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and ofloxacin
2. Production of analgin, paracetamol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin E
3. Production of vaccines, antitoxins, toxoids (BCG vaccine, poliomyelitis vaccine, DPT vaccine, measles vaccine, encephalitis B vaccine, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine, etc) under the State immunization plan
4. Production of raw medicines for addicting stupefacient and psychotropic medicine (China as the holding party)
5. Production of blood products
6. Production of non-self-destroyed one-off injectors, liquid transfusion units, blood transfusion units and blood bags
(viii) Chemical fiber production
1. Chemical fiber reel-off of conventional chipper
2. Production of viscose staple fiber with a single-line capacity of less than 20,000 ton/year
3. Production of polyester and spandex (used or not used for fiber production) with a capacity of less than 400 ton/day
(ix) Rubber product manufacturing
1. Production of bias tyres, retreading of old tyres (except radial tyres) and low-performance industrial rubber components
(x) Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling
1. Smelting and separation of rare earths (for joint venture and cooperation only)
(xi) General machinery manufacturing
1. Container production
2. Middle/small normal bearing manufacture
3. Manufacture of lifting truck of less than 50-ton capacity (for joint venture and cooperation only)
(xii) Special equipment manufacturing
1. Manufacture of middle/low level B type ultrasonic imaging unit
2. Manufacture of normal terylene long filament and short fiber equipment
3. Manufacture of caterpillar bulldozer of less than 320hp capacity and wheel type loading machine of less than 3m3 capacity (for joint venture and cooperation only)
(xiii) Electronic and communication equipment manufacturing
1. Production of satellite TV receiver and key components

IV. Electricity, gas and water production and supply
1. Construction and operation of conventional coal-fired power plants with generating unit capacity of less than 300,000kw (excluding small electric grids)

V. Traffic and transportation, storage, post and telecommunications
1. Highway passenger transportation company
*2. Inbound and outbound automobile transportation company
*3. Water transportation company
*4. Railway freight transportation company
5. Railway passenger transportation company (China as the holding party)
6. General aviation company for photography, mine prospecting and industry (China as the holding party)
*7. Telecommunications company

VI. Wholesale and retail business
*1. Business companies dealing with commodity trade, direct sale, mail order, on-net sale, franchised business, entrusted business, sale agent and commercial management, as well as wholesale, retail and logistic distribution of foodstuff, cotton, plant oil, sugar, medicines, cigarettes, cars, oil and agriculture production means
*2. Wholesale and retail of books, newspapers and magazines
*3. Distribution of audio and video products (except films)
4. Commodity auction
*5. Goods lease company
*6. Agent (ship, freight, foreign ship agent, advertising, etc.)
*7. Construction and operation of finished oil wholesale and gas station
8. Foreign trade company

VII. Finance and insurance
1. Bank, finance company and trust investment company
*2. Insurance company
*3. Securities company, securities investment fund management company
4. Financial lease company
*5. Foreign exchange brokerage
*6. Insurance broker company

VIII. Real estate
1. Development of tracks of land (for joint venture and cooperation only)
2. Construction and operation of high-ranking hotels, villas and high-class office buildings, international conference and exhibition centers

IX. Social service
(i) Public facility service
1. Construction and operation of gas, heat and drainage pipeline network of large/middle cities (China as the holding party)
(ii) Information and inquiry service
1. Law consultation

X. Hygiene, sport and social welfare
1. Medical services (for joint venture and cooperation only)
2. Construction and operation of golf course

XI. Education, culture & art and broadcasting, film and TV
1. High and middle stage education organization (for joint venture and cooperation only)
2. Construction and operation of cinemas (China as the holding party)

XII. Science research and comprehensive technical services
1. Mapping company (China as the holding party)
*2. Import/export commodity inspection, verification and authentication company

XIII. Other industries prohibited by the provisions of the state or international treaties which China has concluded or acceded to

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