Xiamen boasts rich human resources, featuring 26 colleges and universities, including Xiamen University (http://www.xmu.edu.cn/), Jimei University (http://www.jmu.edu.cn/) and Xiamen University of Technology (http://www.xmut.edu.cn/), 27 vocational secondary schools and 2 technical schools which supply various types of professional talents to enterprises in Xiamen each year. Xiamen Human Resources Exchange Center has a database of about 120,000 professional talents and organizes three human resources recruitment fairs every week. Xiamen Municipal Government encourages excellent talents to settle down in Xiamen while enterprises can cooperate with relevant schools to cultivate needed professional talents.

>>“Double Hundreds Talent Program” (http://www.200.xm.gov.cn/)

In April 2010, Xiamen Municipal Government promulgated the Interim Measures of Xiamen for Attraction of Overseas High-level Talents and Proposals on Facilitating the Development of Venture Business Base on the Western Coast of Taiwan Straits and Attraction of Leading Entrepreneurs. According to them, Xiamen plans to attract 100 overseas high-level talents and 300 leading entrepreneurs in the next 5 to 10 years (hereinafter referred to as the “Double Hundreds Talent Program”).
1. Policy supports: an annual fiscal budget of RMB 150 million Yuan will be allocated to support the “Double Hundreds Talent Program”.
A subsidy of RMB 1 million Yuan will be provided for each introduced overseas high-level talent and this municipal subsidy shall not preclude or prejudice against any other subsidy of a higher level. For any talent who is included in the national “One Thousand Talent Program”, subsidies of various levels may add up to RMB 4 million Yuan. In addition, supports will also be provided in the acquisition of scientific research and project subsidies as well as professional title certifications. Any talent who sets up a venture enterprise may also enjoy the supportive policies for leading entrepreneurs.
Various types of subsidies amounting to RMB 23 million Yuan at the maximum will be offered to leading entrepreneurs, including a startup venture capital of RMB 1 to 5 million Yuan and various other governmental venture investments, loan discounts and scientific research funds. Such a limit may also be exceeded for particularly excellent projects. Moreover, a premise with an area of 100 to 500 square meters (free of rentals for five years) will also be provided and the locally-reserved part of the individual income taxes will be fully refunded within the first three years.
2. Life guarantees: talents of the “Double Hundreds Talent Program” may enjoy preferential policies in terms of housing, spouse employment, children education and medical treatment, etc.