Xiamen has several tens of corporate R&D centers of a national, provincial and municipal level and nearly 30 public technical platforms, including:
Xiamen Vehicle and Engineering Machinery R&D Center
Xiamen Tungsten Material Engineering and Technical Research Center
Modern Optoelectric Lighting Product Test and Marketing Center
Contagious Disease Diagnostic Reagent and Vaccine Engineering and Technological Research Center
Xiamen Biopharmaceutical Public Service Platform
Xiamen University of Technology Engineering Discipline Integrated R&D Platform
Integrated Circuit Design Public Service Platform
Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiamen Urban Environment Research Institute
Xiamen Food Sci-tech Enterprises Technical Service Platform
Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Technology Platform
National In-house (Factory) Motor Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
Xiamen Biochemical Public Technology Platform
Xiamen Essence Product R&D and Design Center
Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiamen Industrial Technology Innovation and Development Center
Huaqiao University Xiamen Engineering and Technical Research Institute
Xiamen Industrial Technology Research Institute
Xiamen Jiulong River Beixi Drinking Water Source Security Guarantee Science and Technology Support Platform
Xiamen Semiconductor Lighting Inspection and Certification Center