Development goals:

——Five Xiamens: Innovative Xiamen, Habitable Xiamen, Secure Xiamen, Civilized Xiamen and Happy Xiamen
——Five doubles: Gross Regional Product, total fiscal revenues and hi-tech industrial outputs to more than double those of 2010; total social investments in fixed assets and total investments in livelihood and public undertakings to more than double those of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” period

Strategic tasks

——Economic development:

Focus on integration of Xiamen Island and the surrounding mainland areas of the city: integrated planning, integrated infrastructure constructions and integrated basic public services
Focus on simultaneous development of the secondary and tertiary industries: to establish two bases (base of high-end manufacturing industries on the western coast of Taiwan Straits and base of innovations), three centers (regional international shipping and logistics center, financial and commercial center as well as cultural and leisure tourism center)
Efforts are to be made to boost both domestic consumptions and exports

——Cross-Straits exchanges:

Establish a springboard for cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation and a pilot zone for systematic innovations on the western coast of Taiwan Straits

——Urbanization construction:

Improve the downtown modern infrastructure system and develop Xiamen into a low-carbon ecological city

——Science, education, culture and hygiene:

Implement a science and talent-based city development strategy and work hard to improve living standards, promote social harmony and enhance cultural strength of Xiamen

Industrial emphases

——Develop and expand pillar industries, including electronics, mechanics, shipping & logistics, tourism & exhibition, finance & commerce as well as software & information services

·Focuses shall be placed on the development of the following industries:

Electronics: flat-panel display, modern lighting, solar energy and photovoltaic, computer and communication equipment
Mechanics: automobile, engineering machinery, power equipment, astronautic industry and shipbuilding
Shipping & logistics: frontier logistics, third-party logistics, intercity distribution logistics
Tourism & exhibition: Taiwan tourism, cross-Straits tourism, high-end tourism, cultural tourism
Finance & commerce: modern financial service system, Xiamen-Taiwan financial cooperation, headquarters enterprise
Software & information services: application software, IC design, embedded software, digital contents, information technology services
Preferentially nurture the development of strategic emerging industries

——Preferentially nurture the development of strategic
emerging industries

New-generation IT industry, biological and new medicines,
new materials, energy-saving and environment-friendly industries,
oceanic hi-tech industries, cultural creative industries.

——Restructure and improve industries that are most competitive

Food processing, textile and garment, chemical industries.

——Nurture and expand industrial clusters and large-sizegroup companies

Efforts will be made to establish several industrial clusters with an annual industrial output of RMB 50 billion to 100 billion Yuan, and several large-size groups with annual sales (operating) revenues of RMB 50 billion to 100 billion Yuan.