Optoelectronic Industry
There are over 50 companies and research institutes in Xiamen that are engaged in the manufacturing and R&D of optoelectronic products and technologies. Products range from optical displays, optoelectronic components to optical telecommunication devices, optical storage devices, optical input and output devices and numerous others. Displays are the largest product category while semiconductor LEDs have the greatest number of producers and the most promising future. Xiamen is appointed by the state government as a base for the industrialization of semiconductor lightings with San'an Electronics Co. producing UHB-LEDs under the coverage of the State 863 Program.
Main product categories include epitaxy, chips£¬LED, displaying devices, monitors, screens, etc.
Key manufacturers include Hualian Electronics, San'an Electronics, GE, Philips, Anmei Optoelectronics, etc.
Main industrial cluster is with the LED business. All segments of the industrial stream can be found from expitaxy through packaging to application.
Development in the future will be focused on the following three businesses namely LED, optical displays and basic optoelectronic devices.
Bioengineering and New Medicine Industry
Presently, there are scores of medical enterprises (including pharmacy and medical instruments, etc.) in Xiamen, among which 9 have acquired the GMP authentication of FDA. The only Class One new medicine of Fujian Province ---nerve-reproducing factor is produced in Xiamen. A good number of medical enterprises in Xiamen are the leaders of their respective fields in China.
Main product categories----genetic engineering medicine, biological medicine, genetic diagnoses reagent, chemical medicine, natural medicine and marine pharmaceuticals.
Key enterprises----Bioway Biotech, Amoytop Biotech, Mchem Pharma and Intec Products.
Development Focus:
Priorities will be given to the following product categories: genetic engineering medicine and biological medicine, chemical medicine and raw materials, marine pharmaceuticals, diagnoses reagent and vaccines, medical instruments.

From: http://english.xm.gov.cn/investmentinxiamen/industrialclusteranddevelopmentfocus/