Xiamen is now building four major logistics parks, namely Dongdu-Xiangyu-Airport Logistics Park, Haicang Logistics Park, Xinlin Logistics Park and Liuwudian Logistics Park. All these four logistics parks are located near public transportation or transportation hubs like railway station, airport and road intersections, and ensuring smooth material flow. They are also adjacent to large-scale industrial and commercial centers, making it convenient to collect and ship goods, reducing the cost of storage and transportation.
The logistics information system covers the main wharfs providing logistics services within Xiamen customs area and has connections to organizations and agencies relevant to the customs clearance procedure, namely customs, inspection, wharfs, storage yard, shipping agency, cargo agency, air cargo terminal, customs brokers and enterprises. The customs clearance procedures are further simplified and optimized.
A good number of famous domestic and foreign logistics companies are now operating in Xiamen such as Sinotrans, China Shipping Logistics, Xiamen Port Logistics, Superchain, Xiamen C&D, Maersk, BAX Global, and Kerry EAS. Third-party logistics is fast growing with traditional transportation, warehousing and freight agency enterprises transforming into modern logistics service providers.
Dongdu Port-Xiangyu Free Trade Zone-Airport Logistics Park (DXALP)
The geographic units of this logistics park comprise Dongdu Port Area, Xiangyu Area and the north quarter of the Airport Area, measuring 9 km2. The construction is now in full strength. Under the approval of the State Council, integrated services that combine the functions of the port and the free trade zone are put into place here, tailored to meet the needs of warehousing and material flow.
The Xiangyu Area is a logistics park with comprehensive logistics operations. It benefits from both the policies of Xiangyu as a Bonded Zone and the close connections with the seaport and airport. With the increasing value of information capabilities, it will grow into a free trade zone in the future and serve the customers with comprehensive logistics operations. The bulk of its services will be related to foreign trade and entrepot trade. Goods imported in bonded status will be distributed from here and delivered to their customers, and goods produced in China will find the way to their foreign buyers through the logistics operations here. In prospect Xiangyu Area will become one of the procurement centers for East, Southeast and Northeast Asia and one of the material flow hubs for the Asia-Pacific region. It will also hold an important position in the logistics across the Taiwan Straits.
The north quarter of the Airport Area will target foreign trade enterprises and high tech enterprises in Xiamen and neighbouring areas. Such services as warehousing, change of transportation means, packaging, information provision and customs clearance will be rendered on high value goods (e.g. IT products and bioengineering products) and perishable goods.
Haicang Logistics Park (HLP)
The prospective size for this logistic park is 4.78 km2, consisting of three functional units, namely Haicang Railway Cargo Transportation Centre, Haicang Port Logistics Centre and Haicang Dongfu Logistics Centre.
HLP is based on Haicang Port Area, which is a key port area in Xiamen, and serves the many industrial parks in Haicang District. The bulk of its services will be directed to both international customers and local customers from different regions while goods are distributed from here to industrial and commercial customers. An important function of HLP is to warehouse and distribute chemical products or dangerous products from the city. As Haicang is becoming a hub for agricultural by-products, HLP will also play a role in the inward and outward movement of these products. The coverage of its services is expected to expand due to the increasing prosperity of nearby development zones, the mature of Haicang new urban area and the growth of container volume handled at Xiamen's ports.
Xinlin Logistics Park (XLP)
Located in the southwest of Jimei District, the park is traversed in the middle by Yintan-Xiamen Railway and the prospective Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway and Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway that enable passengers and cargos to join the national railway system. With prestigious land transportation, XLP will focus on the movement and distribution of goods through trains and automobiles with such services as warehousing, transportation, processing, packaging and information consultation provided to manufacturing enterprises in Xiamen or the neighbouring regions.
Liuwudian Logistics Park
Liuwudian Logistics Park is still on paper according to which it will lie at the rear of Liuwudian Port, one of the most important ports in the future in Xiamen. The planned size is 5.73 km2. The park depends on Liuwudian Port and mainly serves the port, nearby industrial and commercial enterprises. It is directly involved in trade with Taiwan. The bulk of its services is directed to international customers while domestic customers from the city and neighboring regions will also be served.
Trade & Commerce
In 2009 Xiamen's foreign trade registered a remarkable US$319.8 billion of whic 57.5% is from export. Trade activities extend to approximately 200 countries and regions. Except for the products produced and exported in large quantity by foreign funded enterprises, CFL, stones, arts and crafts, textiles and garments and shoes are the typical export commodities of Xiamen. The total retail sales of consumer goods in Xiamen were RMB26.03 billion in 2004, representing a fast growth.

Planning for Retail Outlets
According to the planning, there are five levels of commercial areas in Xiamen, namely City Central Commercial Area, Community Commercial Area, Neighborhood (Residential Blocks) Commercial Area, Township Commercial Area and Specialty Streets and Blocks.

Planning for Wholesale Development
Large-scale foreign enterprises and groups are encouraged to establish procurement and distribution centers in Xiamen. Foreign commercial and trade enterprises may engage in sales and agency services in Xiamen. Foreign investors are encouraged to take part in the construction and management of large-scale wholesale market specializing in vegetables, fruits and other agricultural by-products by ways of purchasing the stakes or direct investment. They are also encouraged to take part in the construction and management of the large-scale wholesale market for industrial products in off-island area, particularly for prioritized categories such as automobiles, building materials and furniture.

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