Central Urban Area (Xiamen Island Proper) gives priority to tertiary industries including logistics, tourism, commerce, convention & exhibition, finance & insurance, real estate, culture & entertainment activities and agent services. Encouraged sectors also include software, R&D of technology-based enterprises, incubators for SMEs and aviation industries pertinent to the Airport.

 Industrial Area Circling West Sea (Haicang District and part of Jimei District west to Xinglin Bay) encourages chemical industry and machinery, logistics services relying on the port, rail and highways, educational industry centering on Jimei-Xinglin Bay Campus, service industry supporting the development of new urban area, tourism based on Horticulture Expo Garden, Tianzhu Mountain, Maluan Bay and sea islands, and eco-agriculture centering on Dongfu Flowers and Seedlings Base.

Industrial Area Circling East Sea (part of Jimei District east to Xinglin bay, Tong’an District and Xiang’an District) is to priority on hi-tech or light industries including electronics, opto-mechanical-electronics integration, bio industry and new medicine, new materials, food and textiles. It also encourages logistics services depending on its highway, the Urban Trunk Road, and the port. Dadeng Islet (Taiwan-related tourist attractions), National Forest Park of Lianhua Mountain and Damao Mountain Forest Park will be developed for tourism. Other encouraged areas are non-pollution agricultural products, modern agriculture, the selection and cultivation of plant seedlings and fisheries and ecological & recreational agriculture.