Xiamen not only has a competent labor force but also is highly competitive in terms of labor cost.Surveys show that annual per capita salary in Xiamen is US$2670 and for administrative staff it’s US$3840.

Foreign-funded enterprises may determine their own organizational structure and staffing, independently decide the way for wage distribution and should inform the local labor administrative department of the recruitment of staff and workers within 30 days after recruitment.

The enterprise shall sign a labor contract with the employee when the employment relation is established (The probation period shall not exceed 6 months). The notice to terminate the contract shall be given to the other party of the contract 3 days in advance when on probation and one month in advance after probation (except for the conditions stipulated by law to terminate the contract at any time) and relevant procedures must be observed.

Employees shall enjoy paid holidays according to the State regulations such as annual leave, home leave, marriage and funeral leave and maternity leave.

Enterprises employing foreigners shall apply for work permits to Xiamen Labor Bureau (with a fee of RMB Yuan150/person/year for compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan and RMB Yuan300/person/year for foreigners) and residence permits to Xiamen Public Security Bureau.