Xiamen may be one of the safest cities around the world. Most people in the city seldom worry about being robbed when they walk on the streets while burglaries are also not easy to be heard or read from media reports, saying nothing of being killed by guns or pistols.

But, you should still pay enough attention to your wallet, briefcase or knapsack when you are wandering among people on main streets, shopping malls or markets in the city. 

Walking at night is also safe, at least on the main streets of the city. Foreigners, especially women, won't get nervous when they return home at night. Up till now, people haven't got the news that foreign women were insulted or hurt by criminals in the city.  

But you should still avoid those unfamiliar places, such as small dark lanes, and the suburbs of the city. It would be safe if a woman is accompanied by her colleagues, boyfriend or husband. After all, it is not a city of Eutopia. You should also know the emergency call of the city: 110 for police, 119 for fire emergency while 120 for ambulance.

Foreigners may be fascinated by the nightlife of the city, especially parties, nightclubs and pubs. Temptations will surround you. But drugs, gambling or commercial sex are banned here. Though policemen won't check your room unless they get your permission or have a search warranty, it will be wisely enough for you to fence out from those troubles. 

You should also have an eye on cheat or fraud. Some local cheats often aim on foreigners, especially the new comers to the city. Specific?  They may gain your trust or even be your friends to take money from you. Even those "old hand" should look it out, because the number and skill of the fraud here will surprise you so much. If you meet something you feel strange or weird, ask for help from your colleagues, close friends who live and work in the city or local police. Don't hesitate to ask for help.