1. The foreigner applying for a visa at the arriving port should hold a common pass port and a letter of invitation from an authorized Chinese unit. This will allow him/her to stay in  Xiamen for 5 days. If 5 days is  not enough, he/she may apply for extension of visa in the public security departments after entering China.
2. The Taiwan resident applying for landing visa, shall present his/her valid Taiwan identity certificate and entry/exit documents. Those who hold the Laissez- passers for Taiwan Residents can apply for visa directly.

3. Compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao applying for the Laissez- passers of the People's Republic of China shall present their Hong Kong or Macao identity certificates.
4. Overseas Chinese applying for the Laissez-Passers of the People's Republic of China shall present their valid re-entry documents issued by their respective residence countries.
5. The tourist party of over 9 persons applying for visas shall hand over the name list to the Exit and Entry Service Center of Xiamen Tourist Group Co. (Tel: 0592- 6028265). The tourist party may enter China after they receive the approval from the Visa Office.

While applying for entry visas, the above persons must answer any inquiries about their details, fill the application forms and hand in 2.5-inch recent photos.

Regulations for persons entering China from overseas:

1. Those entering Xiamen from overseas who will stay in the city shall report to the local police substation for temporary residence within 24 hours; those who will stay in the countryside shall do the same within 72 hours; and those who will stay in the hotels shall register at the reception counters.
2. Foreigners staying in Xiamen should not do anything irrelevant to the type of visa the hold.
3. Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao residents who intend to stay in  Xiamen or over 6 months shall apply for Residence Cards and foreigners shall apply for Residence Permits. Taiwan Residents may apply for multiple entry permits valid from 1 to 5 years in accordance with the scale of enterprises and size of investment.
4. Foreigners holding SEZ Tourist Visa are not allowed to go outside Xiamen. If they intend to go to other places in China, they shall apply to the Exit and Entry Visa Office of  Xiamen Public Security Bureau for alteration of visa.

From: http://www.xiamenguide.com/viewStyle1.jsp?r=2&n=tourism&cid=23