The 21st Xiamen Industry Expo will be held in April, reported Fujian Daily. This year the fair will set up a “2017 Xiamen International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition” focusing on the emerging area of intelligent manufacture. 
The 2017 Expo will cover an area of 85,000 square meters with 400 standard exhibition booths. It is known that the Expo has already attracted approximately 200 renowned intelligent manufacturing enterprises including overseas companies such as Graco (USA), OTC and Panasonic (Japan) as well as some domestic enterprises, such as Jingdiao (Beijing), Yawei and Weibai(Jiangsu) and Youjia, Xiehong and Dongtaijingji from Taiwan. A number of leading companies from different industries will attend to showcase their latest technology. 
In particular, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant Fair Friend Group will expand its exhibition area by up to 300 square meter on previous years. This will be the 17th time Dazu laser, a leading manufacturer of laser equipment, will take part in the expo. This time Dazu will show up with a whole range of products: including 3D welding robotics covering around 500 square meters. 3D Systems Corporation from the USA, the biggest global 3Dprinting enterprise, will also join the Expo with its latest 3D print system.
Along side this, the Expo will also provide a platform for cooperation and technology transfer between universities and enterprises. Well-known universities from the mainland and Taiwan have been invited. A 2,000-square-meter “Future Zone” in the intelligent manufacturing district will be set to display the latest research results and products invented within universities.