Xiamen Metro Line 1 officially started trial run on  the main line  on Monday. As the backbone line of Xiamen rail transit network, Line 1 goes from South to North, starting from Zhenhai Road and terminating at Yannei.
At present, construction of 24 main stations on  Line 1 have been all completed and 25 sections have been connected as a whole .The track has been finished 61.2 kilometers,accounting for 95% of total. Seven  out of 13 trains arrived have  accomplished static and dynamic debugging. All the stations are under electromechanical installation and decoration.It can be said that Xiamen is on the threshold of the metro era.
The coming of the metro era will no doubt bring great changes to future travel and life.
Wang Hui,a post-90 administrator in a law firm,who lives near the Overseas Chinese Museum, needs to take No.31 bus to work every day. She said that it is very crowed to take a bus in rush hours. From her perspective, it is unable to keep up with the pace of urban development only through road expansion.  If there is a metro, people’s traveling needs can be met as maximum as possible.