Jimei District yesterday stepped up efforts to publicize the No Food or Drink Initiative, adding  seven buses that do  not allow passengers  to eat or drink. 
The No. 957 busfrom Xiamen North Railway Station to Si Bei Bus Terminal often takes about 120 minutes to finish a round trip. Since it passes  schools, scenic areas and the Xiamen International Cruise Centre,the bus usually  carries a large number of passengersand some of them may eat or drink on the bus. Apparently, fewer passengers were found to have eaten  on the bus yesterday. As a result, the interior environment became cleaner than before. This is because passengers have gradually realized the meaning of not eating on the bus .
“In the past, discarded bottles and rubbish could be found everywhere and the bus was  really smelly after a round trip ,” said Liu Fazhang,  driver of the No. 957 bus. “The campaign of ‘No eating or drinking on a bus’ works well. Passengers gradually start to support the ‘food ban’. Now the bus has become quite clean, and you can find no rubbish even in the garbage bin after a shift.”
Jimei District has promoted the campaign  on buses  No. 957, No. 929 and No.931since  last year. The seven newly-added bus routes are the No. 901, No. 907, No. 953, No. 946, No. 958, No. 959 and No. 910.
Passengers can see the slogans on  these buses. Also, they can be reminded by the messages on the LED screens inside the buses or by the radio. It is worth mentioning that  the dust bins on those buses had  been removed yesterday.
It is said that  Xiamen Public Transport Groupplans to increase the number of no-food-or-drink bus to 40, which accounts for approximately 10% of a total of 375 bus routes in the city.
No food or drink on the following buses.
Jimei: No. 957, No. 929, No. 931, No. 901, No. 907, No. 953, No. 946, No. 958, No. 959, No. 910
Tong’an: No. 659, No. 692, No. 655, No. 641, No. 658, No. 650
Xiang’an: No. 750, No. 753, No. 756
Siming: No. 18
Huli: No. 51, No. 439
Haicang: No. 52
BRT: Fast Line 3
More buses that will not allow eating or drinking in the future:
Siming: B2, No. 2
Haicang: No. 15, No. 850, No. 854
Xiang’an: No. 718, No. 719From:http://www.xmenglish.cn/DynamicInformation/201705/t20170508_5070708.htm