Xiamen rang the air defense warning and held a simulated air defense drill with the participation of 500,000 people on May 10. The main practice field was located at Xiamen Second Foreign Language School. Nearly 3,000 students protected themselves with disposable dust respirators and escaped to the safe area in different directions. 
One hundred and sixty students from Xiamen Medical College performed cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other emergency skills. Almost 500,000 students and teachers from all primary schools, secondary  schools and some colleges in Xiamen took part in the anti-air-raid emergency evacuation. Some communities like Ruijing and Lianxiang also organized air-defense exercises .
Mao Linsong, the director of Xiamen Seismological Bureau(XSB), told reporters that Xiamen has already established 82 earthquake emergency shelters, covering each district. Residents can locate the nearest shelter after  they follow the official WeChat account of “厦门市地震局”.
The 82 shelters are located in large open place, for example, parks, squares, greenlands, and schools that can temporarily accommodate a large number of residents  if emergency occurs. Each shelter has an emergency shelter area, medical assistance stations, water supply system, power supply system, portable toilets, garbage gathering and transporting equipment, and emergency exits and signs. Xiamen will increase the density of shelters located at open spaces in the future 
Xiamen Seismological Bureau invented a special system using map, cartoon and voice to illustrate the whole self rescue procedure and inform the residents of the location of shelters.
Citizens can visit the XSB’s website (http://bncs.xmdzj.com/) or follow its WeChat account”厦门市地震局”to learn knowledge about earthquake prevention and disaster reduction In case of emergent situations, the residents can visit the XSB’s  WeChat account to locate the nearest emegency shelter and learn from the navigation system that how many people the shelter can accommodate and  and what facilities it provides.
From: http://www.xmenglish.cn/DynamicInformation/201705/t20170512_5072167.htm