China Post recently issued a stamp and pre-stamped postcard that feature NanputuoTemple. The temple postcard is the first of its kind for Fujian.
The 27-by-35 millimeter stamp and the 148-by-100 millimeter postcard carry the total value of one yuan. Both items will have a print run of slightly more than one million copies a piece.
The stamp and postcard debuted July 12 at an unveiling ceremony at the Nanputuo post office. The event included the issuance of a first-day seal for stamp sheets purchased by collectors at the event.“The seal has the date on it, which is a memento of the event that has additional collection value,” said ZhengQiwu, the vice president of the Xiamen Philatelic Association.
Artist Yang Ge participated in the stamp's design and noted that the stamp features agate inscribed with a couplet, written by calligrapher Yuyu. The artist said that the gate itself is an echo of Xiamen as a doorway or gate of China.