This summer holiday, as well as the official launch of the 5th Tong'an Summer Tourism Carnival, the Tong'an Film and Television  City, Beichen Mountain, Jinguang Lake and Fangte Resort have  also launched their special summer campaigns. Everyone is welcome here, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also have fun with the amusement activities like water splashing.

Tong'an Film and Television City: Water Tug-of-War, Duck Chasing Game
In the Tong'an Film and Television City where the "Royal Baths" are found, the 4th Royal Palace Dabbling Festival has been launched. The festival will continue until August 31.
The Beijing Tianqiao Folk  Art Center will be showing their performance at the Royal Theatre where tourists will be able to enjoy their exclusive skills.
Beichen Mountain: Funny Watermelon Festival and Ice Bucket Challenge
This summer holiday, Beichen Mountain has unveiled a special refreshing game: the Funny Watermelon Festival. The competitors only need to speak 3 words relevant to watermelons, take pictures with watermelons in their hand or join the watermelon eating competition to win a prize.
Jinguang Lake Summer Water Splashing Festival
The Jinguang Lake summer water splashing festival will last till September 30th.

Jinguang Lake: Two water splashing sessions daily, more refreshing delicate available.
The water splashing festival will continue till September 30th  on this natural, beautiful lake with twice daily splashes. There will also be many kinds of refreshing foods served including herbal jelly, ice green bean soup, lemon black sugar water and ice-cream with many flavours.
Fangte Water Park: 1 ticket 2 tours
Bands from different countries will gather here to join this festival, are you ready to rock?
For only 28 yuan, you can enjoy yourself in two of the three theme parks. Now hurry! Don’t miss the chance to enjoy both the water and land program in the same day.